Greyhound Racing Coupon

Sunday 26th October 2014

Belle Vue BAGS - 11:03

All Odds

Ballymac Alma

Soxs Is Tops

Thornfield Rita

Wellfield Holly

Will To Power


Hove BAGS - 11:11

All Odds

Dacent Hazard

Farloe Scolari

Get On Laura

Guinness Solo

Leathems Desire

Our Swift Girl

Belle Vue BAGS - 11:19

All Odds

Beach Impact

Black Lash Ash

Express Trish

Raggletaggle Joe

Russelena Boyo

Swift Lughill

Hove BAGS - 11:28

All Odds

Collinstown View

Evanta Candyman

Glasheen Eden

Slaheny Valley

Who Needs Speed

Zulu Baran

Belle Vue BAGS - 11:34

All Odds

Boozed Rita


Egmont Dandy

Josies Love

Kilmalady Gorge

Velvet Twirl

Hove BAGS - 11:42

All Odds

Coolavanny Keira

Corrin Sarah

Dacent Days

Guinness Storm

Kylegrove Coco

Newtown Sophie

Belle Vue BAGS - 11:48

All Odds

Ericks Zig

My Generation

Quarterland Bolt

Tick Tock Bang

Tiffinys Girl

Tyrur Sienna

Hove BAGS - 11:57

All Odds

Airforce Mia

Baran Kagawa


Dacent Josie

Robbos Rose

Westmead Louisa

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 12:00

All Odds

Highview Lord


Pelaw Toria

Toy Zar Us

Tunoco Flash

Tyrone Bell View

Belle Vue BAGS - 12:04

All Odds

Ardera Logan

Clonteen Cookie

Glenburn Pudsy

Normas Maddy

Shes Phenomenal

Solid Ace

Hove BAGS - 12:12

All Odds

Baran Knights

Judicial Babe

Maybe Green

Senor Tom

Who Needs Cash

Who Needs Love

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 12:18

All Odds

Bower Ellie

Chase Me

Kilcrea Prince

Ratify Lad

Scrawbys Buddy

Snug Rummy

Belle Vue BAGS - 12:18

All Odds

Catch Zack

Cooler King

Kildroum Glory

Rusheen Mikey

Sion Song

Stevie Tease

Hove BAGS - 12:27

All Odds

Beanos Missy

Bellinter Bear

Lisnadara Lad

Maireads Secure

Parkwest Parker

Roaming Buddy

Belle Vue BAGS - 12:33

All Odds

Beach Patrol

Blacks Mineola

Dunbolg Monsoon

Midland Babe

Raggle Blue

White Rabbit

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 12:36

All Odds

Bark Ardee

Be Tricky

Beaming Chaos

Bit View Amy

Bit View Susi

Droopys Ark

Hove BAGS - 12:41

All Odds

Ballymac Dainty

Cabela Holly

Golf Walk

Islas Sally

Maui Mustang

Swift Danny

Belle Vue BAGS - 12:47

All Odds

Harlequin Maeve

Junglefess Jake

Leathems Marvel

Millstreet Milly

Palmers Pick

Turbo Tigris

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 12:55

All Odds

Blue Socks

Coolykereen Hugh

Jack Kyle

Lanody Mill

Queen Ivy Hill

Snug Threeeights

Hove BAGS - 12:58

All Odds

Derrane Nick

Doctor Dave

Invicta Margot


Razldazl Clyde


Belle Vue BAGS - 13:04

All Odds

Black Dubh


Highview Guest

Noirs Daz

Oodles O Noodles

Phat Tomahawk

Hove BAGS - 13:12

All Odds

Baran Georgia

Beara Hawk

Kilara Thunder

Lemon Diva

Newinn Echo

Woodmancote Tim

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 13:14

All Odds

Bush Standard

Gregs Panther

Hawk Eye Paul


Princess Fearne

Whack Wallop

Belle Vue BAGS - 13:21

All Odds

Carran Delia

Coonough Holly

Corbally Scolari

Hasty Nymph

Lanesdown Hawk

Trapstyle Maxi

Hove BAGS - 13:28

All Odds

Baby Blueberry

Ballygibbon Jack

Guinness Rock

Leeview Rose

Questhouse Izzy

Raithby Rocco

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 13:33

All Odds

Bit View Flyer

Drink To That

Holiday Betty

Invincible Fury

Pacific Punch

Snug Faro

Belle Vue BAGS - 13:37

All Odds

Forever United

Grandads Sabre

Miss Flo

Nans Tiger

Tick Tock Torky

Tudor Victoria

Hove BAGS - 13:44

All Odds

Ajax Reg

Ardrath Exile

Ballymac Benefit

Clairkeith Casey

Designed Black

Droopys Form

Belle Vue BAGS - 13:51

All Odds

Ballymac Bonjovi

Dinn Re Bug

Nuthill Joe

Skippys Molly

Sup Lolls


Pelaw Grange BAGS - 13:52

All Odds

Cushie Mabel

Early Tonic

Ellas Figarie

Ormond St Pam

Quarryfield Lad

Stallone Timmy

Hove BAGS - 13:58

All Odds

Ardera Nice

Belvedere Dude


Granson Luca

Greenisle Court

Maui Lahaina

Perry Barr BAGS - 14:06

All Odds

Another Event

Comic Cuts

Gentle Tommy

Midnight Boss

Quick Act

Tippy Court

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 14:11

All Odds

Barntick Kid


Corner Willow

Forest Vic

Mackem Best

Snug Deuce

Kinsley BAGS - 14:12

All Odds

Bellfield Star

Killishin Alien

Loughside Bocko

Movin Over

Senans Special

Summerfield Dubh

Perry Barr BAGS - 14:21

All Odds

Charleys Storm

Cloheena Brett

Highview Jim

Maybe Patch



Kinsley BAGS - 14:29

All Odds

Ballymac Fanta

Fagans Mist

Nomadic Dusty

Pennys Lost

Welton Autumn

Westminster Bolt

Pelaw Grange BAGS - 14:30

All Odds

Bit View Turbo


East London

Maireads Spirit

Rumble Titan

Snow Wizard

Perry Barr BAGS - 14:38

All Odds

Honest Diva

Miners Friend

North Ivy Hill

Overdale Honey

Pablo Loner

Say It Fast

Kinsley BAGS - 14:47

All Odds

Be A Boy

Bing Xena

Desert Girl

Highview Journey


Swift Pepper

Perry Barr BAGS - 14:57

All Odds

Bearhaven Seven

Canvas Katie

Cooladerry Toby

Oilgate Cass

Prince Of Fire

Rabbits Amy

Kinsley BAGS - 15:04

All Odds

Affleck Ariana

Brocken Lance


Go Grainne

Goinglight Pam


Perry Barr BAGS - 15:13

All Odds

Butterbridge Deb

Ellaha Choice

Flavel Finch

Movealong Joker

Pablo Brummie

Waycross Nelly

Kinsley BAGS - 15:22

All Odds

Aoifes Wish

Bush Hill Jack

Clonteen Lee

Combo Amy

Locnamon Bolt

Old Fort Miracle

Perry Barr BAGS - 15:29

All Odds

Ballymac Brandon

Droopys Moss

Droopys Varian

Galtee Spot

Highfire Jazz

Moes Venue

Kinsley BAGS - 15:37

All Odds

Bornagain Best

Coldwater Pirate

Drumcrow Panther

Pennylane Rumble

Port Touch

Trewmount Ellie

Perry Barr BAGS - 15:44

All Odds

Farnalough Flyer

Five Alley Moon

Galtee Tony

Joyful Charm

Overdale Tay

Wicky Chris

Kinsley BAGS - 15:53

All Odds

After Helen

Droopys Akton

Gurtnacrehy Fizz


Montana Express

Old Fort Bridge

Perry Barr BAGS - 16:02

All Odds

Aulton Enda

Ballyrhan Bluey

Greenlough Ball

Lodgefield Town

Nomadic Fairy

Safe Impact

Kinsley BAGS - 16:09

All Odds

Bayside Bambi

Daisyfield West


Rafas Wee Rocket

Watch The Stream

Westminster Jet

Perry Barr BAGS - 16:18

All Odds

Aero Wiz Khalifa

Haughty Jess

Manchester Rio

Skyfall Ernest

Spot Huggy Bear

Stoneys Boots

Kinsley BAGS - 16:27

All Odds

Daisyfield Glory

Lady Navajo

Old Fort Climate

Rizzoli Bob

Umera Postman

Wraysbury Regal

Perry Barr BAGS - 16:33

All Odds

Derryhogan Finbo

Golden Daffodil

Malbay Obama

Maughera Power

Mikey Tiny

Spot Pops Boy

Kinsley BAGS - 16:41

All Odds

Kilree Echo

Move Over Becky

Old Fort Dodger

Shaws Rose

White Jasmine

You Little Nuddy

Perry Barr BAGS - 16:47

All Odds

Carlow Mist

Catunda Suarez

Davris Lee

On Her Toes

Ruscar Boro


Kinsley BAGS - 16:58

All Odds

Annamore Gene

Burnpark Pippa


Distant Honey

Hather Snowy

Wee Ian

Perry Barr BAGS - 17:08

All Odds

Corley Prince

Derryhogan Percy

Droopys Fair

Lusty Boy

Slaneyside Fitts

Slip The Ruse

Kinsley BAGS - 17:17

All Odds

Battyford Sam


Getgoin Lucy

My Pebbles

Shanless Draper

Viking Raider

Perry Barr BAGS - 17:27

All Odds

Distant Achanta

Getting Wise

Manchester Rocky

Pablo Brody

Shirt N Joop

Soonic Claire

Kinsley BAGS - 17:37

All Odds

Cancun Salsa

Fun Guy

Holycross Rebel

Kaypee Danut

Lazy Brogie

Miss Oli

Perry Barr BAGS - 17:46

All Odds

Follom Flair

Gene Dubh

Heathmill Onyx

Killala Man

Overdale Hope

Willies Star

Kinsley BAGS - 17:55

All Odds

Agapanthus Jack

Battyford Adam

Delwood Leyla

Funny Bone

Furnisher Factor


Poole - 18:04

All Odds

Ide Blue Jose

Ide Blue Prince

Ide Chicos Time

Oi Oi Matilda

Redhills Ghibly

Tracton Shaw

Sittingbourne - 18:11

All Odds

Killure Tiger (9/4)

Klockwork Knicks (4)

Never Ask Why (4)

Twilight Des (4)

Mountcashel Anne (7)

Droopys Waltz (12)

Poole - 18:19

All Odds


Fraziers Shaw

Ide Blue Gene

Quivers Scarty

Shanakyle Black


Sittingbourne - 18:28

All Odds

Business Bound (11/4)

Millwards Viper (7/2)

To Tone Charlie (7/2)

Makeit For Jimmy (9/2)

Bua Frank (6)

Crossfield Chris (8)

Henlow - 18:30

All Odds

Aero Goytee

Farran Lisicki

Foxwood Ace

Rockmount Zumo

Sahara Delboy

Twilight Warrior

Poole - 18:37

All Odds

Cooneen Miller

Corban Abby

Jako The Bear

Joscelynes Boy

Mustnt Ramble

Reality King

Henlow - 18:45

All Odds

Blackrose Beacon

Fatty Arbuckle

Lughill Dano

Miss The Flight

Stress Force

Warning Over

Sittingbourne - 18:46

All Odds

High Falcon (11/8)

Clounamon Diva (3)

Musical Lopez (6)

Peteles Chick (7)

King Tony (8)

Nemos Rain (10)

Poole - 18:55

All Odds

Autumn Roseanne

Ballybawn Bluee

Blackboy Legacy

Firpits Bella


Lagile Bound

Henlow - 19:00

All Odds

Cash Game (5/4)

Club Notes (7/2)

Touched A Dream (4)

Jolly Nelson (6)

Riverside Mike (10)

Archaton Trend (25)

Sittingbourne - 19:04

All Odds

Caz Brownie (3)

Essex Dream (4)

Five Card Draw (5)

Ballyhill Legend (8)

Creamery Wine (8)

Poole - 19:12

All Odds

Autumn Sultan

Avalon Chief

Brookend Nine

Crucial Violet

Lissnew Lady

Spot On Busy Bee

Henlow - 19:15

All Odds


Linwood Blueboy

Samui Thirty

Savana Roberto

Stress Blue

Under Offer

Sittingbourne - 19:21

All Odds

Precious Lucy (9/4)

Sugar Rush (10/3)

Too Swift (5)

Twilight Mystery (5)

Dilemmas Tessa (11/2)

Gambles Grange (7)

Poole - 19:29

All Odds

Active Ivy

Camden Toad

Kingston Buci

Look Pushed

Quivers Club

Spoton Foolsgold

Henlow - 19:30

All Odds

Any Brindle (7/4)

Droopys Joker (7/2)

If It (7/2)

Stressed Ed (4)

Mash Mad Dave (10)

Halfcroon Corner (25)

Sittingbourne - 19:37

All Odds

Archers Bullet (5/2)

Aero Ace (3)

Archaton Jet (3)

Dash On Black (7)

Feora Talisman (8)

Indigo Joker (10)

Henlow - 19:45

All Odds

Goes Hot (7/4)

Sidarian Sport (2)

Brannew Rock (7/2)

Blackthorn Brae (12)

Millwards Ozil (12)

Telex Mint (16)

Poole - 19:46

All Odds

Ballinakill Boy

Corban Holly


Prussian Venus

Rock It Flo

Shiloh Ciara

Sittingbourne - 19:54

All Odds

Makeit Forirene (6/4)

Joes A Star (3)

Balintagart Star (6)

Lets Go Jeronimo (6)

Reculver Ozzie (8)

Ashburn Pink (16)

Henlow - 20:00

All Odds

Sidarian Blitz (5/2)

Coolruss Alpha (4)

Tims Beauty (4)

Blackrose Rebel (9/2)

Bockos Bentley (6)

Sidarian Seanie (8)

Poole - 20:02

All Odds

Away Day Nutz

Coolykereen Pact

Izzy Handsome

Leonas Ace

Mad Eileen

Steeple Rd Trap

Sittingbourne - 20:11

All Odds

On Line (10/3)

Cathals Donedeal (4)

Kilara Sadie (4)

Phat Mary (4)

Data Suzie (5)

Windgap Berry (8)

Henlow - 20:15

All Odds

Bellers Flash


Churchfield Wasp

Geelo Midnight

Hondo Steel

Westmead Rena

Poole - 20:19

All Odds

Corban Evie

Greenfield Boss

Meydan Princess

Snowball Signal

Spoton Bumblebee

Swift Clara

Sittingbourne - 20:28

All Odds

Golden Donaire (5/2)

Cloella (7/2)

Makeit Whitesox (4)

Curraleigh Noel (6)

Lookingfor Fame (6)

Aero Jimenez (8)

Henlow - 20:30

All Odds

Blackrose Camino

Final Nike

Mays Stardust

Swift Seve

Unlikely Show

Westmead Chris

Poole - 20:37

All Odds

Leaders Hi Ace

Nagrom Carlo

Patriot Panther

Swift Boost

Takari Sunset

Unlikely Lilly

Sittingbourne - 20:45

All Odds

Impudent Barney (11/4)

Jaytee Thunder (7/2)

Never Said Owt (7/2)

Aghaburren Chris (9/2)

Noirs Drop (9/2)

River Runaway (10)

Henlow - 20:45

All Odds

Blonde Razor (4/5)

Savana Nijinsky (7/2)

Blackrose Dame (5)

Glanmire Jet (10)

Barefoot Blake (16)

Wayward (16)

Poole - 20:53

All Odds

Dennys Lady

Karma Trixie

Middletons Boy

Pats Best

Stradeen Oyster

Ushers Theo

Henlow - 21:00

All Odds

Leamaneigh Turbo (11/10)

Rio Quattro (11/4)

Southern Mesut (4)

Ilewin Allot (14)

Borna Cheyne (16)

Blackrose Vic (20)

Sittingbourne - 21:02

All Odds

Arthur Pint

Catunda Clarkey

Chasey Tracey

Kelva Majestic

Orange Bill

Peaceful Dawn

Poole - 21:11

All Odds

Coolykereen Eye

Leonas Rumble

Minglers Gem

Move Over Timmy

Rasta Jonny

Truth Be Told

Henlow - 21:15

All Odds

Mays Dolly (9/4)

Conall (4)

Tyrur Andy (4)

Benkaat Dolly (5)

Blackrose Tyson (5)

Golden Grace (12)

Sittingbourne - 21:19

All Odds

Adamant Zulu

Barntick Honey

Clonmoyle Jamie

Kelva Barry

Kerry Gap

Ticksy Wicksy

Bet Basket Multiples