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International Horse Racing Coupon

Friday 28th November 2014

Penn National - 23:54

All Odds

Joint Attempt (9/4)

Candelabra (7/2)

Missredhead (21/5)

Perfect Praise (9/2)

Sister Friend (12)

Pelican Par (17)

Saturday 29th November 2014

Charles Town - 00:00

All Odds

Race To The Top (1/50)

Ready For Duty (10/9)

Marylovesteton (5/2)

Perfect Start (3)

Saigon Story (27/5)

Academy Run (36/5)

Hung Jury (35/2)

Cherokee Romance (28)

Everyday Dave

My Daddys Dollars

Ellerslie - 00:00

All Odds

Zeldara (2)

Rasa Lila (3)

Jimmy Hoffa (19/2)

Mons Calpe (19/2)

Bergerac (21/2)

Keep Rocking (11)

Pink Diamond (13)

Varro (27/2)

Le Bon Fin (14)

Deschabeel (15)

Victoryshallbemine (15)

Deebee Don (31/2)

Heistheone (37/2)

Table One (21)

Silver Minx (23)

Sports Creek - 00:00

All Odds

Born To Be Special

Co-Op Hanover

Cowboy Art

One Hot Tamale

Snilloc Seven

Susan B Panthony

Saratoga Harness - 00:02

All Odds

Am Cash

Flying J

Nefertiti Royal

Rock Market

Sham Pain Sham

Spicy Sugar

Turn Em On

Uviel Hanover

Evangeline Downs - 00:05

All Odds

Bullys Bad Assets

Forever Steph

Higher Promise

Jess A Rogue

Stoli Invasion

Stolin Wagon


Zoomin For Kash

Northfield Park - 00:08

All Odds

Ciros Pride

Fifty Joules

Johnnys Gilly

Kennas Boy


Rich N Rare

Sally Goodin

The Fighting Bug

Batavia Downs - 00:09

All Odds


Im The Cash Man

Love Me Do

Medicine Ed

My Friend Charlie

Northern Spark

The Bronx Bumper

Dayton Raceway - 00:09

All Odds

Allamerican Tout


Buckeye Thea

Ella V Horse

Kalla Attack

Ride A Cowboy

Yonkers - 00:10

All Odds

Glam Cam

Ideal A Little

Little Mermaid N


My Ideal

Putnams Glory

Springhouse Star


Meadowlands - 00:15

All Odds

Chocolate Xplosion

Coconut Cream

Countrygirl As

Lima Pride

Muscle Massacre

Never Ever Clever

Really Awesome

Saturday Knight


What A Rush

Western Fair - 00:15

All Odds

Beach Hero

Bugger Max

Casimir Megastar

Danny William



Phil Your Boots


Delta Downs - 00:17

All Odds

Dixie Beat (8/5)

Jobay (15/8)

Burning Warrior (11/5)

Deep Bottom (14/5)

Royal Mocha (8)

Tickatee Tickatay (13)

Sports Creek - 00:17

All Odds

Cheerleaders Guy

Flights Girl

Kid Creek

Skyway Honesty

St Lads Sundance

Toys Legacy

Retama Park - 00:18

All Odds

Baby Grand Cs

Bell South

Djets Favorite

Gigis Glitter Mhf

Otylia Swa

Three T Ebony


Zelda Cs

Saratoga Harness - 00:19

All Odds


Fortythirdst Tim

Im A Pop Star

Just Vic

Quick Feet

Sand Pebble

The B Street Fan

Wee Small Hours

Penn National - 00:22

All Odds

Open Rebellion (6/4)

Fastnfree (17/10)

Time Has Come (15/8)

Brum Brum Boy (23/10)

Southern Nights (13/5)

Quality Harbor (7)


Distinctive Ink

Wanganui - 00:22

All Odds

Cheese Maker (6/5)

Lamborghini (5/4)

Last Trump (13/5)

Stonemason (13/5)

Piccadilly (23/5)

Mystery Gift (5)

Tallemosa (29/5)

No Escape (6)

Ned (21/2)

Vui (23/2)

Hezanakilad (12)

Sir Delahoya (27/2)

Jibril (37/2)

Finkbig (29)

Posterity (29)

Alaghera (45)

Liverpool Kiss

Madam Zenno

Northfield Park - 00:25

All Odds

Another Happy Day


Bet On Blue

Blue Time Ice Lady

Cb Sammie Suit

Fox Valley Smooch

Haley Louise

Main Squeeze

Power And Purpose

Woodbine Harness - 00:25

All Odds

Acapulco Hall

Jayport Princess

Meadowview Vicky

Nickange Two

Oho Diamond

Osprey Impact




Wings Of Ballykeel

Zorgwijk Orchid

Batavia Downs - 00:26

All Odds


Keystone Nobility

Puff Mommy

Regally Blonde

Right On Ram

Rochas Hanover

Track Girl

Dayton Raceway - 00:26

All Odds


Big Bear Bow

Good Connections

Incredible Shooter


No Oil Paint

Premier Flash

Tickle My Fantasy


Yonkers - 00:27

All Odds


Cant Stop Me Now

Case Solved

Della Bea



Get The Look

Sea Cruise Hanover

Charles Town - 00:29

All Odds

Version (2/15)

Bridezilla (6/4)

Winningaswespeak (15/8)

Dicolas Brat (19/10)

Anagazandra (13/5)

Im In A Mood (14/5)

Gussie Up (10/3)

Tomahawk Talk (31/5)

Im Too Fast (37/5)

Evangeline Downs - 00:30

All Odds

Cyclone Vic

Fractured Dreams

Jc Corona Runaway

Jls Rebs Eye Opener

Mr Dash N Run


Still Tippin

Toast With Class

Meadowlands - 00:32

All Odds

Ballagio Hanover


Cc Mister C

Feel The Pressure


Gunga Win


Reigning Dough

Spectator K


Western Fair - 00:32

All Odds

Duh Bubbees

Fed X

Irish Thunder

Striking Loral

Student Prince

Toddys Hot Angel

Zorgwijk Ophelia

Sports Creek - 00:34

All Odds

Confessions K

Hard Rock Trixie


Kisses Galore

Miss Perfectending

Noble Prince

Roses Blitz

Superman Muscles

Whats Up Chuck

Ellerslie - 00:35

All Odds

Princess Nicole (23/20)

Alvesta (5/4)

Artifact (19/10)

Living The Dream (14/5)

Airfield Road (3)

One Cool Message (3)

Statham (3)

Shezhardtocatch (10/3)

To Be Sure (7/2)

Onlyarose (24/5)

Cartell (27/5)

Saratoga Harness - 00:36

All Odds


Knockout Rosie


Pollux Blue Chip

Pounce K


T P Lucy


Northfield Park - 00:42

All Odds

All Natural

Bb Liberty

Beckys Giftedangel

Edita Hanover

Kathys Kitchen

R E O Speeddragon

Sand Sonya

Tarport Belle

Upland Hanover

Woodbine Harness - 00:42

All Odds


Boat House Row

D Gs Pesquero

Just Add Vodka

St Lads Peeper

Swinging Cami

Trama Unit

Windsun Kenda

Batavia Downs - 00:43

All Odds

Dont Sweat My Swag




Poker For A Dollar

Stirling Cyclone

Sunday Star

Way To Go Fabieo

Dayton Raceway - 00:43

All Odds

Angels N Demons

Buckeye Beauty

Love Of Liberty


Skyway Hanover

Standing Danette

Sugartime Express

Susan Sarandune


Yonkers - 00:44

All Odds

Er Room

Just That

Jw Racer

Lightning Strike

Lucky Man

Red Bugler

Wayward Son

Delta Downs - 00:45

All Odds

Romance In Vegas (8/11)

Norma Lee (10/9)

Include Lacey (23/20)

Mystic Madeline (5/4)

South Washington (13/8)

War Draft (14/5)

Girl Town (3)

Tensas Elite (5)

Ms North Wind (8)


Retama Park - 00:45

All Odds

Bella Rachel

Bobbie Dan

Foolish Validation

Minney Jewell

Mystique Night

Our Lil Secret

Perfect Rate



Penn National - 00:49

All Odds

Powerful Sun (19/10)

Conte (21/10)

Ten Items Or Less (12/5)

Open Ice Hit (22/5)

Moorestown Jackie (26/5)

Shamrock Ruler (6)

No Free Lunch (36/5)

One Golden Road

Meadowlands - 00:49

All Odds

Celebrity Scandal

Conors Concord

Debt Of Honor

Dull Roar

Evil Mind

Gratias Deo

Llc Delight

Machin Money

Nabber Again

Twin B Flirt

Western Fair - 00:49

All Odds


Kiss Me Miss Megan

Lonestar Express

Nine Days

On The Rise

Shes So Perfect

St Lads Pixie

St Lads Top Model

Sports Creek - 00:51

All Odds

Abbie Girl

Independent Brief

Lady Morgan

Rott N Ruger

The Messenger

Town Flirt


Saratoga Harness - 00:53

All Odds


Blueridge Jezebel

Dandy Do Right

Delightful Caitlin


Hathaway Anne

Nifty Ace

Temptation Queen

Terror To Cam

Evangeline Downs - 00:55

All Odds


Fasttimeswith Redoak


Jess Cutnup Quick

Jumpn Red Ryder

Long Lasting Sa

Sashay Thru Pool

Sunny And 75

Wanganui - 00:57

All Odds

Countessofdelgatie (1/33)

Lady Zafira (1/33)

Moi Oh Ma (1/33)

Olivia Mary (1/33)

Porotene Chance (1/33)

Shades Of Grey (1/33)

Wild Rock (1/33)

Dancers Tale

Charles Town - 00:59

All Odds

Winchester Warrior (2/15)

Roderick Road (4/7)

Big Ticket (23/20)

Michaels Gunner (7/5)

Lion Of Mine (15/8)

Luck Othe English (19/10)

Four Prospects (2)

Jimmy Jack (7/2)

May Mays Cat (26/5)

Little Eddie (7)

Northfield Park - 00:59

All Odds

Apach Of Luck


Cant Best My Art

Fritzie Chic

Lil Miss Nyalation


Strawberrys On Top

Wicked Elphaba

Woodbine Harness - 00:59

All Odds

Bugger Bruiser

Eveil Dun Champion



Rural Art

So Bad Im Good

The Optimist

V I P Bayama

Warrawee Phoenix

Batavia Downs - 01:00

All Odds

At Herbest Hanover

Charlie Beans


Its All Your Fault

Raging Grin

Tiffany Malone


Dayton Raceway - 01:00

All Odds

Deck The Halls

Fashion Fun

In The Grippers

Margarita Man

Monticello Lane

Mr Mcrail


Sarcastic Man

Treasurer John

Yonkers - 01:01

All Odds

Babes Chip

Cams Macharena

Caviart Cara

Goddesss Rosa

Gram Rules


Private Performanc

Rd Iou

Kyoto - 01:05

All Odds

A Shin Charter

Boston Mari


Hagino Natura

Larmes Lune

Margaret Pesca

Namura Kaguyahime


Queens Memoria

Rugger My Wrecker

Sakajiro Beauty

Shonan Saada

Tagano Prima Donna

Tagano Triomphe

Taiki Adelina


Meadowlands - 01:06

All Odds



Explosion Of Light

Gammys Girl

Hill I Am

Jailhouse King

Keystone Sadie



Terracina As

Western Fair - 01:06

All Odds

Crack The Case

Don Luigi

Eikos Fifi

Filly Of The Nun


Remsheg Bubbles

Speedys Hottoddles

Warrawee Quixote

Sports Creek - 01:08

All Odds

Blitz Bug

Buffalo Gal

Gts Fooled Ya

Kween Mightus

Midnight Jailbreak

Mls Journey

Mystic Flower

Pop Rock


Maywood Park - 01:10

All Odds

Art Genta

Fox Valley Bobbijo

Freshman Phenonom

Gram Legend

Heartland Liberty

Majestic Royale

Richess Nestor

Triggerhappy Hero

Ellerslie - 01:10

All Odds

Funhouse (10/3)

Merckx (10/3)

Mi Apache Horse (10/3)

Peridot (10/3)

Priority (10/3)

Silver Platter (10/3)

Soltina (10/3)

Super Lethal (10/3)

Zaperb (10/3)


Charlie Farley




Saratoga Harness - 01:10

All Odds

Darron Hall

Game Changer

Missing Wink

Need Help Here

Net Revenue

Sir William

Strong Hall

Sugar Valley Alley

Retama Park - 01:12

All Odds

Arties Woman


Divine Soul

Four Of A Kind

K One Wishes

Mula Dawn

Sister Shades


Delta Downs - 01:13

All Odds

Masteringthestorm (1/9)

Sweettouch (1/9)

Lil Megs Girl (5/4)

Luckylilgolddigger (9/5)

Tributes Passion (12/5)

Baie Chatte (5/2)

Free Spirit Rose (13/5)

Gypsys Dream (7/2)

Betty Lou (43/5)

Holy Simone (43/5)

Leestown Marty

Penn National - 01:16

All Odds

Wavy Needle (13/10)

Suzy Blue Light (12/5)

Tecka (14/5)

Inner Demons (3)

Dancing Together (10/3)

Heavenly Encore (23/5)

Pram (29/5)

Candy Aisle (36/5)

Northfield Park - 01:16

All Odds

Bonita Rocks

Classic Sakuri

Ee Bay


Kiss My Yankee

Miss Fineline

Pink Knees

Special Lady D

Wygant Belle

Woodbine Harness - 01:16

All Odds

Big Treat

Major Hangover


P L Hurricane

Peppermint Patti


Suze Hanover

Wildcat Magic

Woodmere Trulyblue

Batavia Downs - 01:17

All Odds

Cracker Stoney

Crawfish Creek

Dont Stop Mach

P L Adder

Sand Savage

Sucrose Hanover

The Spartan


Dayton Raceway - 01:17

All Odds

Cameo Pin

Enticing Beauty

Julie Lou

Miss Metro Fitz




Special Lindy

Yankees Lady

Yonkers - 01:18

All Odds

All Stienam

Bet The Moon

Code Word

Delco Rocknroll

Pontiac Luck

Relentless G

Rocks N Bonds

Winter Blues

Evangeline Downs - 01:20

All Odds

Brooks Magic

Corona By Pool

First Star Mr Jess

Ft Worth Witch



Kamrons First Corona

Texas Pea Shooter

Ww Showtime

Charles Town - 01:23

All Odds

Red Banks Reality (13/10)

Hotspur Harriet (11/5)

Sparenone (21/5)

Alligator Pie (23/5)

Bombay Beaches (29/5)

Mama Mia Diamond (7)

Expresso Doll (39/5)

Worldseriesatatude (42/5)

Meadowlands - 01:23

All Odds

A La Notte Hanover


Do Your Job

Kate Cant Wait

Saulsbrook Alana


Southwind Serenity

Valentina De Vie

Western Fair - 01:23

All Odds

Killer Martini


Primal Seelster

Senior Market

Stonebridge Fable

Stuie Grifin

Sure Please

The Shadow Knows

Sports Creek - 01:25

All Odds

Always D Lady

Dcn Night Train

Hopeful Trust

Love Like Crazy

Mini Muffy

Pasos Star

S F Donttellonme

Strong Panda

War Time Penny

Maywood Park - 01:27

All Odds

Dakota Snow

Fox Valley Taylor

Insidedus Sidney

Kinze Dune


Perfectly Clear

Take Cover

Whata Slowpoke

Saratoga Harness - 01:27

All Odds

Beware Angle

Bluebird Jamaican

Controlled Risk

Dancin Thea

Dws Divine

Jesse Say More

Mr Orlando

Passat Blue Chip

Northlands Park - 01:30

All Odds

Cabo Real

Hilldrop Shady

Hollywood Hotel


K B Hercules

Mach Away

Red Star Cashflow

Wanganui - 01:32

All Odds

All Charm (1/50)

Courtmaster (1/50)

Cuzzie Charlie (1/50)

Golden Bay (1/50)

Irish Chat (1/50)

Karching (1/50)

Malone (1/50)

Miss Kaylee (1/50)

Pella (1/50)

Perfectlyenchanted (1/50)

Postboy (1/50)

Postman Pat (1/50)

Retribution (1/50)

Satin Ridge (1/50)

St Matthew (1/50)

Start Wondering (1/50)

Thien Ly (1/50)

Time Bomb (1/50)

Zenoah (1/50)

Northfield Park - 01:33

All Odds

Champagne Tonight

Coupon Lady


Mama Said

Power Everywhere

Shes Glorious

Sweetheart Dance

Up Front Kellie Jo

Y Mach Me

Woodbine Harness - 01:33

All Odds



Headsaregonna Turn

Me The Boss

Oaklea Wyatt

Sas Warkentin

Stonebridge Rich

Tequila Haze

Totally Ripped

Warrawee Prince

Batavia Downs - 01:34

All Odds




Iza Bella

Jeanie Marie

Kelseys Star

Starbux Eden

Dayton Raceway - 01:34

All Odds

Dont Sweeten It

Forever Lexie

Friskie Jet


Mean Fever

Nuthin Ez

Rks Zip Code

Sallee Ride

Stonebridge Gal

Kyoto - 01:35

All Odds

Animal Spirits

Bold Heart

Festive Oka

Hideno Imperial

King The Bago

Luna Two

Molto Bene

Say Say Say

T M Tetsujin



Win Oberon

Yamaichi Legend

Yonkers - 01:35

All Odds

Caviart Key

Flipper J

Jones Beach

May Day

Mystical Walter


Our Cullenscrown N


Retama Park - 01:39

All Odds


Chloes Posse

Expect Herman


High Noon Traffic


On A Black Charger

Prince Bedivere

Seeking Twlight

Travel Time

Z Sir Trick

Meadowlands - 01:40

All Odds

Canadian Wildcat

Meladys Monet

Modest Prince

Money On My Mind

Quick Deal

Tirade Hanover

Upfront Billy

Waiting On A Woman

Western Fair - 01:40

All Odds

Boot Scootin Loral

C R Amigo

Destinys My Aunt

Green Tea Cybele

Little Wheelhouse


Snegem Bianca

Sonny With Achance

Delta Downs - 01:41

All Odds

Smotth Candi (1/9)

Katiebarthedoor (6/4)

Falyns Morgan (19/10)

Chessie Slew (7/2)

Rulersshinyfuture (4)

Williston Drive (9/2)

Henyetta (23/5)

Boss Me (24/5)

Golden Legs (24/5)

Vendeuse (24/5)


Exclusive Stroller

Sports Creek - 01:42

All Odds


Honeys Mack

Ill Tell You What

Natural Forces

Northern Victory

Pcs Wildcard

Rompaway Beau

Penn National - 01:43

All Odds

Humerous Delite (5/6)

Joyful Thing (1)

Donnas Girl (17/10)

Sister Janice (12/5)

Im Not Mad Im Even (3)

La Isabella (41/5)

Nobiz Like Gobiz

Wishing Lilly

Maywood Park - 01:44

All Odds

Boxed Chocolates

Bust My Chops

Desiree Bellabella

Jetting Around

Odds On Dominica

Shez A Swift

Summer Party

Windy City Diane

Saratoga Harness - 01:44

All Odds

Bull Spreader

Gelato Man

Golden Tate

Lucid Thoughts

Photo Mass

Rock Dj

Signal Hill Ok

Twisted Pretzel

Evangeline Downs - 01:45

All Odds

Fast Cash La Jolla

Favorite Goodbye

Jmf Jess Rebel

Royal Blue Jess


Tempting Debbie

Vf Ought To Jet

Victoria Camila


Ellerslie - 01:45

All Odds

Diamond Duchess



End Of The World

Flying Dragon

Hot Lady

Magic Spell

Meeska Mooska


Show Maccool


Storm Bro

Strong Impact

Talented Kirky

The Show


Northlands Park - 01:47

All Odds

Greek Ruler

Gts Jake

Im A Wildcat

Outlaw Falcon

Raging Fingers

Silent Rescue

Charles Town - 01:50

All Odds

Our Candy Striper (1/5)

Ribbon Cutter (4/9)

Gem Gem (8/15)

Hannah Ten (3)

Gina Ten (7/2)

Ballado Ballet (9/2)

Mia Girl (10)

Stormingthecastle (29/2)


Northfield Park - 01:50

All Odds

American Bandita

Caramel Chinno

Hi Fidelity

Jump Start

Perfectly Royal

Shell Bell

Shesells Seashells

Stacked Deck


Woodbine Harness - 01:50

All Odds


Chievous Cole

Held In Balance


Miss Panthers

O U Sexy Guy

Santo Domingo

Sombrero Hall

Talbotcreek Jewely

Time To Quit

Batavia Downs - 01:51

All Odds


Aries Angel

Bet On Lindy

Mias First Time

Mobro Flirt

Red Star Fiona

Safe Bet Hanover

Satinglide Hanover

Dayton Raceway - 01:51

All Odds


Good Friend

Mall Star

Mischievous Jesse

Mr Apollo

Mr Party Man

Power Of Justice

Sts Esteem

Vacation Angel

Yonkers - 01:52

All Odds

Art Of Illusion




Mystical Valentine

Pence Hanover

Rollem Up

Scarlet Chaser

Meadowlands - 01:57

All Odds

Amigo De Grande

Celebrity Cowboy

Deadliest Catch


Harbor Point

Lindys Tru Grit

Revrac Harbour

Sweet Justice

Tag Up And Go

Team Six

Western Fair - 01:57

All Odds

Delta Lampetia

M G Idole



St Lads Rhythm

Twilight Katie

Vegas Strip Three


Sports Creek - 01:59

All Odds

A Dandy Bryer


Kaitlyn Rae

Martha Jane

Quick Little Miss

Reidio Star

Rolsjoyc Bluegrass

Moonee Valley - 02:00

All Odds

Bantam (5/2)

Palace Tycoon (10/3)

Miss Gidget (24/5)

Miss Idyllic (24/5)

Cheetah Ridge (27/2)

Zaaresque (22)

Tiffany Cash Man (29)

Arties Party (37)

Andy Jay (69)

Ragazzo Del Corsa

The Big Dance

Maywood Park - 02:01

All Odds

Baksidebar Nlounge

Dream Come Through

Fox Valley Shooter


Joeys Wings


Santanna Long Legs


Saratoga Harness - 02:01

All Odds

High Speed Life

Kylers Valentine

Lady Alice

My Sweet Mandy

Rock All Night

Rose Troy

Sams Silly Lilly

Steuben Ruthless

Weekend Getaway

Queanbeyan - 02:03

All Odds

Quietly Brilliant (1/4)

Monarchy (1/2)

Rich Widow (1/2)

Triple Bolt (1/2)

Hav A Nip (6/5)

On Tap (7/5)

Northlands Park - 02:04

All Odds

Arti Mystico

Captain Hazardous

Full Moon Dodger

Mickey Comanche

Newport Place

Painting The Wind

Rs Blacktie Affair

Kyoto - 02:05

All Odds

Akito Orion


Dernier Atout

Four Star

Happy Corazon

Happy Yunibansu

Kurino Tenho


Meisho Oken

Moon Crest

Neo Stardom

Nihonpiro Cinnabar

Noble Crystal

Silver Sword


Retama Park - 02:06

All Odds

Bradford Pride

Gold River Rising

Louisas Pride


Peytons Ready

Posse Hawk

Prince Bing

Roaring Down South

Saturdays Lullaby

Send The Heat

Spice Is Right


Northfield Park - 02:07

All Odds

Abs Jesse Hall

Busted Flat

Justice Delight


Sams Yankee

Shes Nasty

Tallydega Kid

That Was You

Woodbine Harness - 02:07

All Odds

Barefoot Beauty

Champagne Shower

Lifes Call

Nine Lives Hanover

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Hanover

Regal Luck

Regil Meg

Sues Your Daddy

Batavia Downs - 02:08

All Odds

Applejack Hanover

Larrys Mist

Ok Braveheart

On Alert

Ophiuchus N

Peytons Troubador

Racsan Steve


Dayton Raceway - 02:08

All Odds

Fashion Guru


Iam Total For Real


Mattee Royale

Moonlit Shark

Princess Of Rock


Delta Downs - 02:09

All Odds

Madam Maggie (5/6)

Running For Boston (13/8)

Tee Shaw (2)

Cajun Infinity (3)

Battle Beauty (10/3)

Una Corona (4)

Open Rate (21/5)

Fifteenth St Flyer (27/5)

Yonkers - 02:09

All Odds


Atlas Alliance N

Four Starz Trace

He Rocks The Moon

Midnight Dylan N

Montreal Phil

Sky Is The Limit

Trys Little Prince

Evangeline Downs - 02:10

All Odds

Executive Glimpse

Fast Prize Alive

Jess Eliesmischief


Jrs Mighty Matteo

Quite Riot

Teller I Can Fly

Top Cat Cartel

Penn National - 02:10

All Odds

Tea Riffic (8/11)

Dipping Diamonds (11/8)

Green Lane (19/10)

Whattheravenwants (13/5)

Becks Bad Boy (14/5)

Knotty Aisle (14/5)

Blackbeard (39/5)

Normal Norm

Wanganui - 02:10

All Odds

Aldebaran Star (1/50)

Manu (1/50)

Miss Daisy (1/50)

On The Hill (1/50)

Park Princess (1/50)

Petite Brigitte (1/50)

Phoenix Tycoon (1/50)

Talk The Torque (1/50)

Cool Moon (14/5)

Illuminati (14/5)

Miss Benci (14/5)

So It Goes (14/5)

Zetow (14/5)

Meadowlands - 02:14

All Odds

Ace Of Pace

Baby Remind Me


Easter Surprize


Miss Machqueen

Power Pack Hanover

That Woman Hanover

Western Fair - 02:14

All Odds

Aberarder Max

After Market

Jeepers Creepers


Rebel Pride

Sos Mach Xtreme

Steve French


Rosehill - 02:15

All Odds

Sampeah (17/10)

Right Of Way (9/5)

Rageese (32/5)

Lets Make It Rain (36/5)

Kiwi Boss (29)

Trust My Luck (33)

Gud Onya (43)

Sports Creek - 02:16

All Odds

Arctic Tale

Carolina Jacob

Dinero Fishman

Dream Kid


Howdy Dewey

Just Taurus

Red Falkor

South Jersey Hey

Charles Town - 02:17

All Odds

Castles Girl (2/15)

Red Hook (13/10)

Mining Town (19/10)

Classic Trip (11/4)

Dakotas Diamond (14/5)

Gator Gone Wild (14/5)

Take The Train (14/5)

Kelas Game Face (21/5)

Tuftikus (8)

Kobuk Valley (9)

Maywood Park - 02:18

All Odds


Casimir Ms Luck

Classical Imagery

High Score Heist


Mazeppa Hanover


Towne Believer

Saratoga Harness - 02:18

All Odds

Alpine Dauntless

Camp Speedy

Guadeloupe Hanover


Savage Chip

Thats Hall Folks

Tymal Breezee

Winds Of Victory

Yarra Valley - 02:20

All Odds

Charge Your Glass (2/9)

Chief Sitting Bull (2/9)

Kidfontein (2/9)

Taylahs Secret (2/9)

Unprovoked (2/9)

Vegas Ruler (2/9)

Arwa (6/4)

Our Harmony (6/4)


Northlands Park - 02:21

All Odds

Barona Java

Barona Lilac

Cantcatch P

Emotions Run Wild

Fancy Camelot

Overnight Success

River Blues

Northfield Park - 02:24

All Odds

E R Sister

Flight Seelster

Lock Up The Last

Miss Hkb

Pantsuit Hilary

Star Studded Gun

Stone Of Magic

Sunrise Sunset

Whats Your Fantasy

Woodbine Harness - 02:24

All Odds

An Angel Shes Not

Artistic Fusion

Catalea Seelster

Debbies Mach

Double Joy

Mach Some Noise

Performing Art

Royal Mama


Thrill Chaser

Batavia Downs - 02:25

All Odds

Canbec Jewell Sun

Got The Munchies

Legal Process


Real Joy

Reisin In The Sun

Western Judy

Dayton Raceway - 02:25

All Odds

Cat Ballou

Crazy Luv Bug

Delta Dawn Hanover

Eloquent Velocity

Live Wire

Medoland Lindeylou

Pacific Sun Rae

Rosetta Star

Thunder Flight

Ellerslie - 02:25

All Odds

Ambitious Unicorn (1/50)

Buffalo Boy (1/50)

Divissima (1/50)

Ezra (1/50)

Flavigny (1/50)

Liten Prinsessa (1/50)

Los Vargas (1/50)

Midnitemagicman (1/50)

Passing Shot (1/50)

Smarts Encosta (1/50)

Tavy (1/50)

Thee Auld Floozie (1/50)

Yonkers - 02:26

All Odds

Box Car Johnnie

Extreme Machine N

Grand Master


Sand Benelli


Simply Business

The Bruiser

Hawkesbury - 02:30

All Odds

Attraction (1/50)

Fast Nitz (1/50)

Lady Harriet (1/50)

Raq Attack (1/50)

Smooth Element (1/50)

Typhoon Jolie (1/50)

Shama De Oro (1)

Meadowlands - 02:31

All Odds

B L Class Act

Coffeecake Hanover

Current Crisis

Scottish Cross

Selfish Princess

Sir Winston

Sugar Queen Gabby

Time Will Tell All

Vibe Blue Chip

Western Fair - 02:31

All Odds

Blues Inthekeyofc

Coffee Black

Count Strike

Impish Playmate


Northern Illusion

Stonebridge Spirit

Twin B Excalibur

Retama Park - 02:33

All Odds

Best Wish Yet

Chitoz Heart

Colt Silver Bullet

Cookin On Saturday

Greeley Express

Hooked On Track

Jessicas Arch

Magic Arch

Primal Call

Root Of All Evil

Witts Lizard

Z Secret Report

Sports Creek - 02:33

All Odds

Captiva Bounty

Dawn Of New Money

Dcn Tulip Time

Hot Cycle

Kayla Grace

Kendal Delilah

Virtual Princess

Evangeline Downs - 02:35

All Odds

A Genuine Tornado

An Ocean N A Prayer

Dark Patriot Games

Dashing Jax

Jess Notice Me

Jet Black Fantasy

Political Debut

Special Hurrican

Kyoto - 02:35

All Odds

Beach Parasol

Daimei Champ

Dental Cutie

Follow Garnet


Lord Gloire

Lord Hercules

Mai Gluck

Maruyo Bakushin

Meiner Seattle

Pumpkin Pie


Satono Geas

Shigeru Dengaku

Sunrise Stella

Maywood Park - 02:35

All Odds

Act Of Magic

Astreas Notice

Blazin With Pride

I Dont Rember

Ideal Madonna

Primrose Path

Star Gazed

Wh Carmen

Yes We Did

Moonee Valley - 02:35

All Odds

Eclair Choice (11/5)

Durendal (13/5)

Written Dash (3)

Birds Of Tokyo (21/5)

Hell On Earth (35)


Saratoga Harness - 02:35

All Odds

Ancient Vic


Interplanet Terri

Js Smoothjazz

Mr Evergreen

Shes Pert


Wired To Win

Delta Downs - 02:37

All Odds

Ds Galore (6/5)

Hi Charlie (13/8)

Can We Dream (5/2)

Tough Honor (3)

Geezer Grouse (3)

Tsavo (7/2)

Royalee Bred (9/2)

Beau Gator (36/5)

Confederate Recon

Penn National - 02:37

All Odds

My Pippa (4/9)

Ebony Wings (4/7)

Showbiz Or Nobiz (5/6)

Bertica (6/4)

Sister Allstar (17/10)

Russian Vodka (5/2)

Harleys Joy (3)

Al Bee Great (7/2)

Anna N

Caras Treasure

Celtic Blessing

D B Js Power Girl

Northlands Park - 02:38

All Odds

Brendons Mr Beau

Eddies Firstcousin

Ideal Cash

Meadowlark Mr B S

Oh Yeah

Rodeo Joe



Queanbeyan - 02:38

All Odds

Albana (1/2)

Angelino (1/2)

Butterfly Sky (1/2)

Fasuka (1/2)

Hey Porter (1/2)

High Density (1/2)

Loyal Toast (1/2)

Octantis (1/2)

On Our Selection (1/2)

Northfield Park - 02:41

All Odds


Eternal Terror

Getherdone Sue

Hello Camie

Hot Mandy

Hula Lu

Lima Adore

Mephisto Waltz


Woodbine Harness - 02:41

All Odds

Adaymer Seelster

Call It Courage

Last Minute Cindy

Miss Coco Luck

Miss Poppycock

My Gal Mattie

Oceanview Bindi

Olivias Way

Shadys M Three

Batavia Downs - 02:42

All Odds

Can U Be Fun

Cyst To Sister

Debs Girloffortune

Future Life


Volleyball Star



Dayton Raceway - 02:42

All Odds

Keene Olivia

Lucky Amy

Multiple Sources

My Hare Lady

Sonic Breeze

Threefold Breanna

Virgin Girl

Morphettville - 02:42

All Odds

Dukeuzi (1/25)

Giramondo (1/25)

New Balls Please (1/25)

Sheeze Hectic (1/25)

Beaus My Boy (1)

Magic Boy (1)

Mr Pago (1)

Celebrity Tycoon

Wanganui - 02:43

All Odds


Dragon Beauty

Dubai Belle

Flying Orca


Just The Tip




Sir Elmo

Yonkers - 02:43

All Odds

Antigua Hanover

Dirt Diamond

Harmony Oaks Quike

Hayworth Blue Chip

I Do It Myself

Know It All

Mach This Way

Charles Town - 02:44

All Odds

Rockinn On Bye (2/5)

Help A Brother (4/7)

Lets Get It Going (10/11)

Big Branch (7/5)

Revere (3)

Just Fuhr Real (6)

Kings Village

Gold Coast - 02:46

All Odds

Belvive (1/9)

Counting Cards (1/9)

Doctors Mistress (1/9)

Dreamers Goal (1/9)

Mia Madalena (1/9)

Nascosto (1/9)

St Remy (1/9)

Star Of Night (1/9)

Meadowlands - 02:48

All Odds

Avenue Hanover

Dragon Lore


High Octane N

One More Miracle

Relentless Dreamer

Seek The Dragon


Visa Viper

You Bet Your Glass

Western Fair - 02:48

All Odds

Anything Evil

Don Wan Veeba

Dunroven Cas El

Hoo Rah

I Am Special

L H Sonofthetimes

Lil Daisy Duke

Striking Hurricane

Rosehill - 02:50

All Odds

Invitations (10/3)

Lockroy (10/3)

Queen Of Kariba (28/5)

I Am Impressed (31/5)

Aerobar (11)

Harrier Jet (11)

Dupe em (33/2)

Oscuro (33)

Next Level

Sports Creek - 02:50

All Odds


Dodgeme Dispiseme

E W Fisher

Hay Look Out

High Finance

L Ts Best

Noble Key

Tiny Mite

Maywood Park - 02:52

All Odds

Cuatro Cinco

Docs Deal

Dunside Art


Hyd-Dat Shooter

Innocent Victim


Rachaels Blackjack

Tracys Hero

Saratoga Harness - 02:52

All Odds

Cabo San Lukas

Ebony Can Ivory

Jackie Goldstein

Master Act

Pembroke Popeye

So Photogenic

Twice Too Nice

You The One

Northlands Park - 02:55

All Odds

B R Money Matters


Farm Team


Katies Gun

Make It So

Mjjz R Us


Yankee Luke

Yarra Valley - 02:55

All Odds

Cash Appraisal (1/33)

Famelist (1/33)

General Sullivan (1/33)

In A Perfect World (1/33)

Instant Turf (1/33)

Lunar Watch (1/33)

Orchid Shot (1/33)

Petite Cherie (1/33)

Sang Dow (1/33)

Senorita On Safari (1/33)

Ellerslie - 02:57

All Odds

Apache Fireworks (1/50)

Attica (1/50)

Bitethebullet (1/50)

Cantina (1/50)

Culto La Vida (1/50)

Eight To Rule (1/50)

Emily Monk (1/50)

Endorsement (1/50)

Margin Trader (1/50)

Nailed It (1/50)

Sing For The Sun (1/50)

Stand Your Ground (1/50)

Team Pete (1/50)

Tiara (1/50)

Undiscovered (1/50)

Zvonareva (1/50)

Northfield Park - 02:58

All Odds

African Violet

Bluebird Tizzy

Common Creed

Dappers Flash


Halfway Gone

Mias Star

Sassy Two Sox

Woodbine Harness - 02:58

All Odds

A Fearless Affair

Artistic Madison

B Santannas Love

Deuces For Charity

Eagle Molly

Frosty Delight

Mappos Moenhay

Tomei Seelster

Dayton Raceway - 02:59

All Odds

Diamond Amber

Machs Delicacy

Mae Blue Chip

Princess Baby Ella

Revival Rock

Sarahs Creek

Shakin Friskie

Sweet Fancy Moses

Wednesdays Whim

Evangeline Downs - 03:00

All Odds

Jess Gone Streakin

Jrs Crock Of Cash

Million Dollar Kiss

Ncc Game On

Separate Silk

Sweet Okey Dokey

Tommys Corona

Zoomin Baby

Retama Park - 03:00

All Odds


Diamonds And Oil

E Classic

Glorious Devon


Jillys Majestic

Kiss For Annie Lee

Lady Sayla

Lil Watt

Mirror Ball

Pretty N Fast Too


Fraser Downs - 03:00

All Odds

Dancers Luckyseven

Docs Trish



On The Hunt

Pureform Electra

Pureform Kissntell

Remember Terror

Royal Clash

Doomben - 03:00

All Odds

Wicked Intent (12/5)

Meet George Jetson (5/2)

Mishani Honcho (7/2)

Mishani Di Caprio (4)

Sailor Gerri (33/5)

Le Chef (31/2)

Spur Fortune (35/2)

Matildare (43)

Counter Meal

In His Stride

Mia Madalena

Show Command

Sonadors Princess

Yonkers - 03:00

All Odds

Classy Lane Rose

Cocoa Beach

Dont Stare

Its A Miracle

Jets Are On

Let Her Rock

Seafood Annie

Sir Lehigh Z Tam

Delta Downs - 03:05

All Odds

Gospel Lesson (6/4)

Gold Rock (23/10)

Me n My Wildcat (13/5)

Beckyboy (14/5)

Breakstone (3)

Punctual Jeff (3)

Idebebrees (7/2)

State Of Content (21/5)

Navy Seal Team Six (39/5)

Summerstar Bird (8)

Rocket To The Sky

St Arian

Meadowlands - 03:05

All Odds

Best Boss


Clear View Hanover

Cloris Hanover

Mattie Terror Girl


Uf Dragons Queen

Western Empress

Hawkesbury - 03:05

All Odds

Centro Superior (2/9)

Charlie Royale (2/9)

Got You Double (2/9)

Kinagat (2/9)

Newtown (2/9)

Raise A Red (2/9)

Spirit Forever (2/9)

Western Fair - 03:05

All Odds

Cavalry Seelster


Fionn Eadan

Harbourlite Jerry

Keystone Dalton

Light Shine In

May To For

Wing Street

Sports Creek - 03:07

All Odds

Cajon Jubilee


Debt Consoliraider

Jeremy Sharky

Lord Rave

Special Strides


Vp Power

Maywood Park - 03:09

All Odds

Dont Sugar Me

Er Monica

Four Hour Nap

Fox Valley Shiver

Fox Valley Touche

Mjs Last Dance

Muy Caliente

Scarlet N Silk

Tweeds Fly N Star

Saratoga Harness - 03:09

All Odds



Kiwi Party

Ok Gemma

One Chance Fancy

Pembroke Lynn

Sarahs Daphne

Syds Lollipop

Moonee Valley - 03:10

All Odds

Feels Like Home (19/10)

Propelled (9/4)

Karratha Coast (36/5)

Singularity (36/5)

Mumbai Rock (23/2)

Inferential (31/2)

Very Scary (39)

Charles Town - 03:11

All Odds

Lightly Wound (4/6)

Uptown Penthouse (5/6)

Winning Touch (6/4)

Just Because (13/8)