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International Horse Racing Coupon

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Delaware Park - 22:44

All Odds

Dual Exhauzt (7/2)

Megalith (22/5)

Rolling Yona (23/5)

Normal Practice (28/5)

Chaotic Bull (29/5)

Shimmy Tinjo (13)

Fond Of Candy (20)

Tiz Showbiz (27)

Hawthorne - 22:45

All Odds

Hello Miss (11/5)

Lake Shore Grace (3)

Serious Gray (6)

Silent Rap (37/5)

Ready River (15)

Chanceymeetinuhere (35/2)

Forever Roars (35/2)

Scorpiobdancing (19)

Ms Heavenly Hash (23)

Angel Over Me (29)

Sweet Liberty (59)

Dontputmeonhold (84)

Lady Scores

Harrington - 22:47

All Odds

American Anthem

Boardwalk Gangster


By A Noggin

Major Mayhem

Party In The Usa


Veronicas Desire

Hoosier Park - 22:49

All Odds

Beach Boy Toy

Clubber Lang

Cowboy Cody

Jjs Gazette


Kappy Krunch

Son Day

Star Chaser

Penn National - 23:00

All Odds

Hooked On The Lady (17/10)

Love You Truly (11/5)

Thick As Thieves (12/5)

Simple Tricks (7/2)

Allegro (31/5)

Fairly Complicated (37/5)

San Isidro - 23:00

All Odds

Gold Event (7/4)

Araquem (5)

Enzo Stripes (5)

Magical Mistery (5)

Mokambo (7)

Old Jacket (8)

Exchange King (11)

Shoukran Al Moro (12)

Vamos Taladro (12)

Don Giovanni Fitz (20)

Potro Querido

Northfield Park - 23:00

All Odds

Moma Jeans Crown

Neely Spring

On You Brit

Rose Run Nemo

That Was You


Tyrany Seelster

West River Victory

What Do You Want

Albuquerque - 23:02

All Odds

Dandy Pleasure

Kallies Storm

Lucky Pick

Precocious Orphan


Sarabi Crypto


Harrington - 23:04

All Odds

Celia Hall




Sea Raven


Windsong Ingenius

Yay Me

Hoosier Park - 23:06

All Odds

Ava Destruction

Brooklyns Z Tam

Dcn Night Train

E R Rhonda

Electric Gear

Electric Pet

Pasos Star

Skyway Glamour

St Lads Maggie Mae

Delaware Park - 23:14

All Odds

Quick And Rich (1/2)

Burning Breeze (3)

A Classs Act

Burning Fleet

Dr Burn

Lazur Hess

True Grit Sa

Hawthorne - 23:15

All Odds

Nest Ce Pas (7/5)

No Flowers (22/5)

Fleet Performer (33/5)

Academic Probation

Backseat Romance

Bennys Babygirl

Eagle Of Delight

Huge Hope


Lady Scatterley

Prairie Lake

Wheres Wanda

Xtra Special

Harrington - 23:21

All Odds

Abbis Gabbi

Canadian Overall

Credit Blues

Joyeux Dream

Pittstop Ruthie

Pounce Hanover

Six Gun Hall

Skyway Priss

Hoosier Park - 23:23

All Odds

Always A Tiger

Cactus Billy

Cams Good Fortune

Geared To Win

Justice My Way

Orions Belt


Status Quo

Tims Finale

Tylers Z Tam

Albuquerque - 23:25

All Odds

Anziyans Charlie



Bull Chatter


Chantz Dancer

I Found Greatness


Norths Elusive

Ragged Descent

Silvers Due

What A Grand Time

Penn National - 23:27

All Odds

Lindas Last (7/4)

Formal Wire (2)

Green Lane (2)

Heavenly Warrior (2)

Martin Brothers (2)

Midnight Wind (2)

Moccasin Dancer (2)

Shiny Finish

Pocono Downs - 23:30

All Odds

April Sunshine

Fortythirdst Tim



Majestic Trot

Marion Miss Julie

Miss Wapwallopen

Reverie Devictoire

Richesse Oblige S

Dayton Raceway - 23:35

All Odds

Abbie Girl

Bailley Hanover

Edna Lou

High Winds Baby

Powered By Pink

Sallee Ride


Your My Secret

Harrington - 23:38

All Odds

Cuddle Punk

Gogh On

Hot And Thirsty

I Got Spunk

Luscious Linda

Mila Bella

Sparkling Rosie

Spunky Mlt

Evangeline Downs - 23:40

All Odds

Blah Blah

Coastal Xpress

Heza Harlow

Mcm No Accent

Okey Dokey Pops

Quite Riot

Tempting Perry

Uaintseen Nothin Yet

Hoosier Park - 23:40

All Odds

Ace Of Sand

Big Better Best


E R Myron

Enjoy The Scenery

Jds Courage


Pats Shooter

Shotgun Season

Total Classic

Woodbine - 23:45

All Odds

Keen Gizmo (2)

Divine Dance (21/10)

Habemus Papam (5/2)

Quiet Country (3)

One Destiny (9)

Brighton Rock (33/2)

Royal Intrigue (33/2)

Hawthorne - 23:45

All Odds

Germaines Boy (4/7)

Coplan Kid (21/5)

Papa Georgio (21/5)

Wompus The Tiger (24/5)

Lucky Bowtie (29/5)

Just For Papa (6)

Bold Advantage

Crypto Covenant

Devil Got Jack

Lead Council

Silent Shark

Supremos Rebel

Yankee Dancer

Albuquerque - 23:48

All Odds


Amen Baby

Gilded Pride

Hes My Dessert

Lucky Search

My Johnny Cash


Pirates Journey

Stonewall Riot

Yes Its Snowing

Delta Downs - 23:50

All Odds

Miss Ardyn (7/2)

Heavens Cat (7/2)

Anythingforthealt (4)

Im Still Kickin (4)

Ellynslittlestorm (32/5)

Toogoodtome (33/5)

Trial Run (33/5)

Brahms Diva (7)

Sligomarker (37/5)

Kaseys Grand (9)

Terrific Indy (16)

Marks Wings (25)

Penn National - 23:54

All Odds

Chillin It (2)

Gentle Buzzing (2)

Ultimate Avary (11/5)

Kokalola (3)

Hawaiian Sunset (10/3)

Allibadalli (7/2)

Red Sox Fan (7/2)

Party (4)

Bella Lou

Harrington - 23:55

All Odds

Cash On Delivery

Im So Striking


Powerful Charger

Sarahs Hall

Spunky Jack

Tirade Hanover

Hoosier Park - 23:57

All Odds

Artistic Beach




Mike And Me

Scootin To Wawasee

The Dominate One

True T Toot

White Fish Flash

Zachs Rocket

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Mountaineer Park - 00:00

All Odds

Little Red Diamond (13/5)

No Joke Baby (14/5)

Hot Java (3)

Avisblazinvictory (24/5)

Irony (27/5)

Drunken Stilettos (6)

Hidden Attack (34/5)

Fitz Many (7)

Gimme Honor (25)

Roses Surprise (25)

Pocono Downs - 00:04

All Odds


Blue Muse

Isabella Hanover

Lady Of The Lake

Lock N Load Annie

Mariah Dancer

Marion Missamerica

Mms Roanie


Evangeline Downs - 00:05

All Odds

Chita Deniebe

Dashing Fast Prize

Gamblin Gammey

Jb Magnik

Jrs Special Colors

Ruthies Lil Jet

Say La Bigtime

The Midnight Rose

Flamboro Downs - 00:08

All Odds

Alot Of Sense

Bluebird Creek


D Gs Laurie

Ideal Odds

Miss Dollar Mam

Olive Thompson

Outer Drive Girl


Northfield Park - 00:08

All Odds

Day To Day

Go Herbie Go

Jen Rocks

Morgans Majestic

My Ghost Bi

My Justice

Neelys Boy


Batavia Downs - 00:09

All Odds

Aberarder Smitty

Artillery Major

Blissful Escape


Classic Camelot

Emmys Junior Grin

Lucky Millionaire

Puppetandmee N

Dayton Raceway - 00:09

All Odds

Arts Chip N Gail

Autumn Seelster

Blanca Raya

Jans Best

Kentucky All Star

Lively Lady Lisa

Rm Mornin Sunshine

Rosalies Smile

Skyway Hanover

Albuquerque - 00:11

All Odds


Brians Minister


Golden M P

Mr Eric

Polish Project

Precocious Derby

Six Million

Harrington - 00:12

All Odds

Art Retreat

Cheyenne Outlaw

Jd An Parker

Krs Power Surge

So Unexpected



Hoosier Park - 00:14

All Odds

Cutie Palone


H-And-N Dho Hailey

Hoosiers Fantasy


Ideal Ryelle

Lady Of The West

Skyway Sierra

So Shay

Woodbine - 00:15

All Odds

On The Zip (3/10)

Barrowby Hill (8/11)

Monkamonk (8/11)

Tommy No Read (20/21)

Crafty Old Soul (7/5)

Mudhead (17/10)

Arctic Kid (9/5)

Luther (9/5)

Gingers Hero (13/5)

Bound For Profit (9/2)

Strut N Stomp

Delta Downs - 00:17

All Odds

C Maw Charlie (2)

High Dollar Kitten (7/2)

National Defence (4)

Fiaker (5)

Punctual Jeff (26/5)

Winning Note (33/5)

Galveston Harbor (36/5)

Rodeo Champion (9)

Runaway Bay (9)

Hi Charlie (16)

Wingatui - 00:18

All Odds

Valiant (1)

Five Kings (3)

Mikabella (3)

Fullavino (13/2)

King Prawn (12)

Pocono Downs - 00:21

All Odds

Absolutely Michael

Artsbred Camotion

Camco Kyle


Joey Hackett

Mistys Delight

One Chaser

Rise Above It


Penn National - 00:22

All Odds

Romp City (2)

Athelstane (3)

Wise Minister (7/2)

Peasant (22/5)

Speightscity (6)

Calvello (31/5)

Dimension (7)

More Than Noble (7)

Picadilly Pete (7)

Smoke The Devil (7)

Mountaineer Park - 00:22

All Odds

Nice Gator (2)

Inflate My Ego (3)

Lucygotgame (3)

Majestic Michelle (3)

On My Way Home (21/5)

Joking Femme (31/5)

Call Ma Mama (7)

Abelia (16)

Walk Softly (25)

Flamboro Downs - 00:25

All Odds

Anahar Chase

Count Strike

Final Encore

Leonardo Da Lindy


Mr Tasty

Pc Troubadour

Wine Photo

Northfield Park - 00:25

All Odds

Beau Jet

Dapper Baron Two

El Puncho

Gunmans Ace


L H Remachable


Sandbar Slugger

Batavia Downs - 00:26

All Odds

Doctor Gates

Donegal Jim

Girls Luv Diamonds

Kamanche Sun

Kill A Rockingbird

Mr Gram

Officer Candidate

Sturgeon Seelster

Dayton Raceway - 00:26

All Odds

Arties Gift

Enticing Beauty

Hot Flashes

Jayne Rocks

Laugh Away

Little Brown Mug

Lock Ups Galley

Miss York County

Serina Request

Harrington - 00:29

All Odds


Perfect Vangogh

Political Cash

Political Foe

Save The Night

Stock Market Rally

Upto A Dream

Win Power

Evangeline Downs - 00:30

All Odds

Bh Jungle Cat

Chick A Streakin

Choctaws Cash Raker

Colstons Leaving U

Dash N Cajun

Jrs Special Grace

Making Cash First

My Memorys Royal

Sixfols Special

Ww Sleep Walk

Pompano Park - 00:30

All Odds

Bombilla Hanover

Keystone Christa

Mach Me Not

Scirocco Miley Kay

Winbak Heavenly

Hoosier Park - 00:31

All Odds

Abassi Hanover

Abc Moneta

Earls April Saint

Er Ben

Hominy Hill

Miss Cantabulous

Swan Leader


Albuquerque - 00:34

All Odds

Bounty For Devon

Buffalo Gap

Dandy One

Elijahs Lyric

Get Your Pants On

Joe Pro

Lebs Giant

Minister Cyberset

Missing Who

Smiling Reuben

Wild Thunder

Pocono Downs - 00:38

All Odds

Everyones Talkin

Green Hornut

Home Front

Justin On Broadway

Mms Rosebud


Perfect Choice

Razor Ramone

Taurus Lauxmont

Flamboro Downs - 00:42

All Odds

Action Image Hall

Aldrin Hanover

Initial Strike

L H Fillybuster

Lollipop Gal

Lts Captain

Majestic Mystic

Northern Illusion


Northfield Park - 00:42

All Odds

Forever Happy

Franco Natura N

Fully Loaded Gun

Iconic Style

Most Remarkable

Mr Green


Rebel Jet

Wow Power

Batavia Downs - 00:43

All Odds

G Momma

Good Luck Penny

Kid Rocks


Pondo Vec

Ranger Gus

Sephora De Vie


Dayton Raceway - 00:43

All Odds

Cruisin Breeze

Dawn Of New Money

Fox Valley Smooch

Miss Suggs

Pink E Bank

Pretty Blue Eyes

Racey Daisey

Save Your Best

Sweet She Rolls

Mountaineer Park - 00:44

All Odds

Kid Galahad (6/5)

Starship Romeo (13/5)

Special Energy (14/5)

Control (7/2)

Cleansed (26/5)

Framed (31/5)

Golden Husker (44/5)

Delta Downs - 00:45

All Odds

Madam Maggie (11/5)

Maxina (11/5)

Thats My Gam (11/5)

Tinc (13/5)

Vadoma (11/4)

Running For Boston (7/2)

Yankherstripes (7/2)

Po Huckie (29/5)

Excitable Girl (41/5)

Ms Fran (16)

Blaze Dancer (24)

Shesa Sneaky Girl (24)

Woodbine - 00:45

All Odds

Mi Hat Mi Coat (2)

Silent Bride (2)

Olympic Talent (11/5)

Yoursofunnee (11/5)

Optimism (3)

Smart Jodi (21/5)

Sweet Rainbow (23/5)

Cherie Damour (16)

Imprettyandiknowit (16)

Harrington - 00:46

All Odds

Collect The Brass

Giant Clash



Please Okay

Sweet Joe

Why Not Lindy

Pompano Park - 00:47

All Odds

Bands Giant Star

Famous Halle

Gold Star Lexie

Last Match T

P L Humanity

Rjs Iron Man

Straight Priority

Hoosier Park - 00:48

All Odds

Fox Valley Barbosa

I Got My Wish

Mr Salming

Riden Dirty

Round About Fame

Spartan Pride

Trick Funk

Penn National - 00:49

All Odds

Changingoftheguard (1/10)

Decadent Doll (1/10)

Heart Of Rome (1/10)

Mia Alberta (1/10)

Roman Renegade (1/10)


Wingatui - 00:53

All Odds

Lady Grace (2)

Paddyblack (2)

Dellis (5/2)

Belen (5)

Saigon Prince (12)

Strategic Ride (20)

Evangeline Downs - 00:55

All Odds

A Fast Classic

Heza Fast Corridor

Shez First Class Act

Slinky Red

Steel Together

Trippin Vision

Ttt Kellys Walker

Pocono Downs - 00:55

All Odds

B Well

Dry Martini

Howabout Hanover

Hurricane Breeze

Jimy Beach

Looms The Danger

Offical Cherokee


Terrorize The Moon

Flamboro Downs - 00:59

All Odds



Jj Rock

Kennel Buddy



Northfield Park - 00:59

All Odds

Formal Hanover

Friskie Town

Nirvana Gear


Pee Wee Scooter

Radar Lover

See Ya Later Dude

Storm Hawk

Remington Park - 01:00

All Odds

Arabellas Lady

F C Getright

Gospel Make Merry

Light Striker

My Sister Nell

Proud Annie



Batavia Downs - 01:00

All Odds

Helenas Hope

Hit It Big


Regally Blonde

Right On Ram

Smashy Cerise


Xenia Hanover

Dayton Raceway - 01:00

All Odds

Blue Bell Beauty

Friskie Jet

Kitty Winks

One Chance Fancy

River Valley Rose

Rks Zip Code

Sweet Caldonia


Viressas Dream

Harrington - 01:03

All Odds


Collen In Command

Miss Jocelyn

Penny Paratrooper

Princess Eb

Sign N Drive

Sparkle Pants

Star Hit

Pompano Park - 01:04

All Odds

Elian Express

Famous Legs

Flyhawk Falina

Gray N Cloudy

High Balance

Ks Hall


Total Freedom

Hoosier Park - 01:05

All Odds

Big Emotions


Dazzling Lady

Dignified Diva



La Guida Pleasure

Liberty Beach

Northern City Girl


Mountaineer Park - 01:06

All Odds

Flash A Smile (21/20)

Bayou Jill (11/5)

Kittys Dream (12/5)

Kinda Kinda (11/4)

Frequent Reward (14/5)

Sassidy (7/2)

Zees Cure (7/2)

Waltzinginredjeans (6)

Balmoral Park - 01:10

All Odds

Arcs Conquest

Captain Greedy

Jake Quaider

Powerful Above All

Rt Habenero

Southern Special

Pocono Downs - 01:12

All Odds

Another Depostion

Celebrity Fantasy

Chrissy O

Countrygirl As


Jailhouse King


Rosslyn Chapel

Stirling Bullet

Delta Downs - 01:13

All Odds

Hue Blue Bayou (2)

Spectacular Splash (11/5)

Run Rally Run (5/2)

E Z Trick (14/5)

Just Stinker (7/2)

Lady Lass (23/5)

Cinco Cinco Diez (27/5)

Mrs Ruby (31/5)

Get Out (34/5)

Skip The Lemon (8)

This Way Jane (31/2)

Kissing Nettie (16)

Woodbine - 01:15

All Odds

Uncommon Good (2)

Whos In Front (2)

Honourable Moment (2)

Im Good With It (11/4)

Mahvelous Dahling (7/2)

My Debutante (29/5)

A C Chiquita (6)

May Pen (8)

Arctic Bid (16)

Great Esta Bella (24)

Wave On Ice (39)

Penn National - 01:16

All Odds

Kafwain Wedgeheart (2)

Seek Ye First (2)

Money Only (11/4)

Eldarion (14/5)

Royal Fighter (7/2)

Crockefeller (4)

Reckless Runner (21/5)

Zeke Mccool (24/5)

Flamboro Downs - 01:16

All Odds

Depth More Depth

Doo Wee Rusty

Kyles Secret

Lady Hot Shot

Milliondollar Babe

Premio Loco

Northfield Park - 01:16

All Odds





Muckmuck Woodchuck

S F Scorpion

Screamin Dreamin

Stolen Crown

Wild Nordic

Batavia Downs - 01:17

All Odds

Big Bad George

Dont Stop Mach

Ideal Affair

Judge Jon

R Blue Moon Rising

Sand Savage

Schooner Or Later

Wrangler Rockstar

Dayton Raceway - 01:17

All Odds

A Sham Of Amber

Holiday Shopper

Kayleighs Future


None Of You

Rosetta Star

South Side Camie

Special Lindy

Wednesdays Whim

Evangeline Downs - 01:20

All Odds

Cashn N

Flyin Ole Glory

Gros Splash


Kold Blow N Air

My Favorite Dasher

My Mistress Chick

Purty Thang

Thunder Tiger Too

You Go On Cosino

Harrington - 01:20

All Odds

Circle M Rj

Let It Go

Luck Dynasty

Mystery Command

Skip And Bull

Tricky Mister


Wynnfield Comet

Pompano Park - 01:21

All Odds

E R Taylor

Flying Topless

G G Roulette

Maid Of Silver

Mighty Nice

My Immortal

Painting The Town


Want More

Hoosier Park - 01:22

All Odds

Cerveza Dinero

Don Swan

E R Justiceforall

Goose For All

Groovey Kid

Imperial Storm

Ladys Big Stormont

Mall Star

Meadowbrook Mike


Balmoral Park - 01:27

All Odds

Blackjack Rivndel

Boot Scootn Boogie

Duneside Louie

Heres Tootsie


Little Man Morand

No More Terror

Park Lane Scooter

Past The Shooter

Super Scooter

Mountaineer Park - 01:28

All Odds

Angelic Score (2)

Miss Dolans Rose (2)

Pepes Valentine (13/5)

Montana Dream (3)

Scipions Gold (7/2)

Tribal Custom (23/5)

Sandipat (6)

Suzanne (34/5)

Remington Park - 01:28

All Odds

Adios Odds

Brilliant Messi

Darn Good

Fancy Future




Irish Magic


Unusual Asset

Ventures Galore

Wingatui - 01:28

All Odds

Seeking Redemption (5/2)

Revenge (17/5)

Slick Nickel (17/5)

Braehill (5)

Enchanter (8)

Richard Trimbole (8)

Gurus Response (12)

Pythia (16)

Lord Yarborough

Pocono Downs - 01:29

All Odds

Diamond Amber

Early Go Hanover

Internal Check

One Badland Nite

Puff Mommy

Quik Pulse Daisy

S A Lowe

Smokin American

Wind River Cat

Flamboro Downs - 01:33

All Odds

Abigail Eden


Frilly Thong

Harts Destiny

Lunch Time

Our April Love

Stonebridge Dawn

Wonderous Hanover

Northfield Park - 01:33

All Odds

Doowrah Omelet

Four Starz Q

Grams Legacy

M A Roy



Skull Of Roses

Welcome Wagon

Yarrows Cruiser

Batavia Downs - 01:34

All Odds


Brody Hanover

Carson City Road

Fb Seelster

Launching Tonight

Old Mcheath

Real Bravo

The Awful Truth

Dayton Raceway - 01:34

All Odds

Atlas Peak

Boy Meets Girl K


Kaffir Kemp


Natural Forces

Rose Run Princess

Willin Dylan

Harrington - 01:37

All Odds

Allamerican Motive

Castle Rock

Hillcrest Suites

Ideal Vintage

On Broadway

Sink The Mcbismark

Wainui Tabman N

We Salute You

Pompano Park - 01:38

All Odds


Gale Warning

Glittering Muscles


Its Payday Friday

Majestic Won

Trot Fudge Sundae

Tug River Dylan

Hoosier Park - 01:39

All Odds

Abc Dream On

Dicks Secret

Fly Away Bumblebee

Jessica Lar Bar


Swan Yankee


Ultimate Red

Delta Downs - 01:41

All Odds

Hes So Proud (1)

Along The Coast (11/5)

Viking Warrior (9/4)

Forty Won Smarts (3)

Its No Secret (24/5)

Redsugar (28/5)

Atticus The Man (6)

Heres Bob (7)

Eyejaykay (33/2)

Passing Simon (33/2)

Countdown Twice (25)

K One Kobra (25)

Penn National - 01:43

All Odds

Hockey Pants (1)

Regina Christina (1)

Terac (1)

Calzini Rossi (21/20)

Plum Island (21/20)

Eastons Rocket

Fast Victory

Balmoral Park - 01:44

All Odds

Bands Alexis

Polars Big Spender


Riverside Gold

Tricias Banner

Vacations Pride

Valley Photo

Vick Valor

Evangeline Downs - 01:45

All Odds

Amelia Stephens

Awesome Lawsen

Bobbies Dashing Girl

Dee Magic Oak

Game Ready


Miss Mandy Marie

Nobodies Friends

Unwritten Rebel

Woody Big Ears

Woodbine - 01:46

All Odds

No Look Pass (2)

Cat Zapper (11/5)

Go Shermin Go (11/5)

Rhythm Of Rock (11/5)

Drop To Pop (14/5)

Conquest Outlaw (23/5)

Ring Of Gold (33/5)

Southern Legend (33/5)

Photo Bomb (9)

Sheldons Crusader (33/2)

The Kings Cousin (33/2)

Pocono Downs - 01:46

All Odds

Bikini So Teeny

Czech It Out

Dreaming Of Lori

Keystone Boca


Terracina As

Time For Explosion


Mountaineer Park - 01:50

All Odds

Starship Windsor (11/8)

Arbiter (9/5)

Theperfectblossom (2)

Strong Response (14/5)

Itinerary (7/2)

My Lawyer George (9/2)

Rage And Ruin (23/5)

Wekiva Warrior (29/5)

Flamboro Downs - 01:50

All Odds

Amy Louise

B Rad

Dunroven Cas El

Excel P V

Four Starz Clyde

Oh My Golly Molly

Summer Mischief

Taurus Seelster

Zorgwijk Naveed

Northfield Park - 01:50

All Odds

C G Satin

Dallas Seelster

Gunnin Forafight

Hot Cycle

Jereme Rocks

Ricky Blue Eyes



Batavia Downs - 01:51

All Odds


Art Of Duty


Four Starz Credit

Ramblin Rick

Ruba Dub Dub

Strengths Victory

Tymal Viva

Dayton Raceway - 01:51

All Odds

Buckeye Beauty

Burn Time Hanover

Fashion Guru

Fayco Filly

Kitty Kitty Bang

Mademoiselle Paris


Rosy Fire


Harrington - 01:54

All Odds

Flirt The Issue

Formidable Tsunami

Linbo Love

Made To Trot

Oso Grateful

Reality Storm


Pompano Park - 01:55

All Odds

Barbies Korvett

Distracting Beauty

Four Starz Conway

L F Topaz

Railee Kwik

Sand Wyndham


Remington Park - 01:56

All Odds

Black Market Brick

Explosive Force

Money Rules


Quatorze Kid

Rooster Bullet

Signature Event


Zap A Prince

Hoosier Park - 01:56

All Odds

Bit The Bullet

Castle Flight

Comeon John


Hey Dali

My Buddy Ninkster

Ruffys Desire

Sir Mammo

Skyway Gladiator

Tylers Beach Boy

Balmoral Park - 02:01

All Odds

Always A Jewel

Bcs Fancy Dancer


Going Sumwhere

Happy Times Three

Megyn Hotspur

Ocean Annie

Princess Joventina

Sweet Alyssa


Pocono Downs - 02:03

All Odds

Beach Granny


Cloris Hanover


Lorrie Please

Pan Luis Obispo

Runaway Tray

Social Scene

Uf Dragons Queen

Wingatui - 02:03

All Odds

Sofia Loren (5/2)

Madam Roxy (17/5)

Miss Mack (17/5)

Querer (5)

Fabrizio (8)

Coulee (12)

Added (16)

Im So Vain (20)

Midnight Cappa (20)

My Kinda Magic (20)

Northfield Park - 02:07

All Odds

Belles Becky

Double O Jesse

Florida Mac Attack

Future Past

Keystone Swagger

Laser Lucy

Sky Lav

Striking Lightning

Talladega Hanover

Batavia Downs - 02:08

All Odds

Dawn Of Trey

Eagle Flight

In Good Hands

Lily Macroix

Sams Delight

Satinglide Hanover

Square John


Dayton Raceway - 02:08

All Odds

Arties Last Party

Buckeye Thea

Dream Roll

Im Shameless

Lucky Amy

Lucky Virgin


Thunder Flight

Yankees Lady

Delta Downs - 02:09

All Odds

Gia Digzit (8/11)

Saltys Officer (2)

Majesticnightrider (21/10)

Lively Stone (27/10)

Easter Girl (7/2)

Lady Notional (7/2)

Babyruth Bay (23/5)

Rodeo Storm (28/5)

Miss Julia Beth (8)

Chickasaw Bayou (43/5)

Wild Gift (25)

Evangeline Downs - 02:10

All Odds

Blu Jeans

Chargin N Rakin


Jj Jackies Boy

Jw Mingling

Lady Oak Special

Special Bar Dance

Streak Tothemountain

Streakn Game Patriot

Tequila Revolution

Penn National - 02:10

All Odds

Buck Thief (1)

Majestic Player (1)

Shanty Bay (1)

Smokin Opal (1)

Tricked Out Tux (1)

Zip It Carson (1)

Flying Tomato

Teddy P

Harrington - 02:11

All Odds

Classic Form


Golden Genes Hall

Good Feeling

Rusty Rusty Rusty


Ymi Special

Mountaineer Park - 02:12

All Odds

A Js Fortune (5/4)

Pleasant Run (6/4)

Auditorium (7/4)

Romeo Royale (21/10)

Induce (5/2)

Gung Ho (23/5)

Freuds Vale (5)

Nico Suave (28/5)

Java For Two (8)

Pompano Park - 02:12

All Odds


J D Eleven Bells

Kennedy Blue Chip


P L Hula

Save My Star

St Lads Joker


Wolfcreek Howard

Woodbine - 02:15

All Odds

Grilledhamncheese (10/9)

Marcian (13/10)

She Aint Bad (6/4)

Cavalletta (5/2)

Two Brews To Go (10/3)

Bangla Dancer (21/5)

Lucky Melissa (43/5)

Hobnobsnob (16)

Hurricane Lorraine (16)

Balmoral Park - 02:18

All Odds

C Js Terror


Indian Creek Katie


Ms Solongbyebye

One Loud Ding

Park Lane Crystal

Red Lace Skivvies

Western Boudoir

Wild Berry Muffler

Pocono Downs - 02:20

All Odds

Anastasia Willie

Cherry Tree Nicole

Four Starz Speed

Mr Candyman

Nottin To Much

Pilgrims All In

Random Majority

Rosannadanna Tim

Too Much Hanover

Remington Park - 02:24

All Odds

Artax Max


Flashy Sky

Jet Jackson

Lost In Thought

Ronnie Be

Sooner Warrior

Too Many Chiefs


War Charger

Northfield Park - 02:24

All Odds

Beach Mach

Blue Punch

Its Spider

Julies Davinchie


Tieler Bea Hotspur

Tresner Seelster


Western Kissed

Batavia Downs - 02:25

All Odds


Cheshire Cat

Oaks Hanover

On Alert

Space Walk

Stormin Norman

Top Dog Nicholas


Dayton Raceway - 02:25

All Odds

Keene Angelic

My Hare Lady

Sams Shuffle

Sand Song

Sea Danser

Shes Alilfireball

Sonic Breeze

Tea Pot Hanover

Tts Little Lass

Harrington - 02:28

All Odds

A Dandy Strike

Aleah Hanover

Paris Kentucky

Poppas Pick

Red Dress Baby

Show Biz

Swan Life To Live

Womanizer Hanover

Pompano Park - 02:29

All Odds

Back From Vacation

Dominum Deo

Explosive Muscles

Kascara Rosa

Northern Inferno

Skads Winner


Wishin Iwas Fishin

Mountaineer Park - 02:34

All Odds

Car Fifty Four (21/20)

Edge Of Dixie (5/4)

Slap Shot (6/4)

Candy Baby (5/2)

Handsome Man (10/3)

Dillon (5)

O T Bandini (5)

Penntastic (33/2)

Run Dink Run (33/2)

Meckes Fantastic (25)

Evangeline Downs - 02:35

All Odds


Blue Express



Jess A Classy Chick

No Doubt About Cane

The Mood For Love

Wonder Witch

Balmoral Park - 02:35

All Odds

Daves Art

Eden Way

Holy Mcmoses

Partys Gold

Pips Quatro


Vital Terror


Delta Downs - 02:37

All Odds

Ekati Sauce (5/4)

Cool Song (17/10)

Sibling War (19/10)

Unfriendly (21/10)

Champions Hill (5/2)

I Hope (5/2)

Closing Katie (10/3)

Flashy Shoes (5)

Theboyzappointment (5)

Twice A Rebel (5)

Cher Bella (32/5)

Crickadee (43/5)

Penn National - 02:37

All Odds

Buzzing By Them (1/10)

Fiddlers Reddemon (1/10)

Mission Man (1/10)

Nachito (1/10)

Oportuno (1/10)

Point Of Defence (1/10)

Ramsey Branch (1/10)

Saker Falcon (1/10)

Tyjar (1/10)

Yazoo Expedition (1/10)


Pocono Downs - 02:37

All Odds

All Terror

Bells Are Ringing

Cameron Lucky

Climate Hanover

Maddys Dolly

Royal Engagement

Sweet Bet

The Summer Wind

Wingatui - 02:38

All Odds

Emergency Call (5/2)

Ishiacourt (17/5)

On The Rise (5)

Tantella (5)

African Star (8)

Thewayiam (8)

Ivanskavinskyskvar (12)

He Aint Heavy (16)

Midnight Mocha (25)

Southern Spirit (25)

Northfield Park - 02:41

All Odds

B Quite Marvelous

Eagle Yankee

Gilla Dream

Hello Camie

Mephisto Waltz

Rock It Ashley

Southern Care

Stonebridge Saucy

Stonebridge Secret

Batavia Downs - 02:42

All Odds

Ags Wye Sky

Charlie Beans


Huga Yankee

Ideal Griff

Mac Mr Notorio

Raging Grin


Dayton Raceway - 02:42

All Odds

B Good Lena

Black Blitz

Fast Attack


Late For Work

Leather Betty

Medley Mindale


Shady Shooter

Woodbine - 02:44

All Odds

Walkers Terrace (5/6)

Wisdom Listens (5/4)

Rebellion On Tap (19/10)

Rexton (5/2)

Bear Fabulous Son (21/5)

Bears Cowboy (5)

Bilby Rhode (5)

Ruvee (5)

Ezzthetic (16)

Pompano Park - 02:46

All Odds

Browner Shuttle

Credit Score

Gimme The Loot


Typical Newyorker

What About Brian


Remington Park - 02:52

All Odds

American Girly

Dot To Dot


Hotrod Hailey

Imma Bee Sexy


Seeking Sumting

Shine On Caroline

Smoking Cynthia

Spoon Face

Thousand Edens

Witch Alert

Balmoral Park - 02:52

All Odds

Be My Escape

Bonjour Madam

Box You In

Indy Heatoftheday

Sand In My Bikini

Sisters Keeper

Towne Believer

Townes Brightlight

Vals Way

Pocono Downs - 02:54

All Odds


Bos So Hot

Flyn With Royalty

Just Got Paid

Keystone Real Deal

Lbs Alamericanjoy

Mcartic Ocean

Smokin Band

Sweet Water Jack

Northfield Park - 02:58

All Odds

Cry For Cash

Diggers Rest N

Flying Metro

Fox Valley Mercury

Mattoxs Western

Quintal Bayama

Rembrandt Van Ryn


Evangeline Downs - 03:00

All Odds

Hanky Panky Prize

Jdt Allures Patriot

Jet Black Fantzy

Jet Black Liberator

Last Scratch

Logans Mystery Man

Pretty Special Jess

Shakeitout Bigtime

Tf Kool Kue Patriot

Tnt Dasher

Pompano Park - 03:03

All Odds

A And G Covergirl

Goldstar Rockette

Hot Latte

Jasperthat A

Mamajons Bluegrass

Miss Sparta

Real Nice Girl

Up Front Lady Gray

Hawkesbury - 03:03

All Odds

Charge Missile (7/5)

Tumult (18/5)

Pretty Uncanny (4)

Repartee (6)

Il Mio Destino (7)

Danpivot (15)

Kattegat Bay (25)

Next Level


Delta Downs - 03:05

All Odds

Mighty Brown (5/4)

Phish Fan (6/4)

Hero Force (17/10)

School Spirit (19/10)

Unbridled Venture (5/2)

Over A Barrel (10/3)

Endurance (21/5)

Lollipop (21/5)

Strong And Tough (21/5)

Coles Magic Vow (5)

Storm Half (5)

Battle Act (24)

Balmoral Park - 03:09

All Odds

April May Dune

Blue Gem

Financial Effort

Fox Valley Flora

Get The Terror

Miss Pat Weisar

Parklane Glitter

Pretty Place

Sandcastle Girl

Stardom Bound

Pocono Downs - 03:11

All Odds


Mistys Best

Modern Yankee

Noble Logans Lou

Pantheon Hanover

Sid Rock

Techtor Hanover

Terror Attack

Willi Ray

Woodbine - 03:13

All Odds

Tapitdar (5/6)

Thundering Waters (5/4)

Mr Honey Badger (17/10)

Hey You Pick Me (5/2)

Prized Humour (21/5)

Solo Player (21/5)

Candles On Friday (5)

Grabthemoneyandrun (5)

Malibu Skyline (5)

Valids Best (5)

Clean House (44/5)

Cytherean (16)

Its Surreal (16)

My Silver Badge (16)

Uncle Carm (16)

Accomplice (24)

Wingatui - 03:13

All Odds

Princess Brook (2)

Beegeeyt (13/2)

Bellaleah (13/2)

Hear Me Roar (13/2)

Peter Parker (8)

Royal Duchess (12)

Tycoon Class (12)

Whatwasthat (12)

Lydia Go (16)

Owe The Ransom (16)

Donna Flamingo (20)

Edelweiss (20)

Another Coup

Midnight Mocha

Rub It In


Remington Park - 03:20

All Odds

Anymore Bling

Bears The Name

Chuck Chuck Goose




Phenomenal Phoenix

Super Stroke


Train Walk

Wild Thought

Sportsbet-Ballarat - 03:20

All Odds

Snake Charmer (19/10)

Able (5/2)

My Obsession (18/5)

Excelette (6)

Magnificent Show (7)

Golden Dusk (12)

Stress Test (30)

Grand Treasure (33)

Jannes Delight

Balmoral Park - 03:26

All Odds


Camille Rose


Ive Got A Feeling

Kitty Obrien

Mearl Finn


Our Miss Lily

Sand Taryn


Pocono Downs - 03:28

All Odds

Aquitane Blue Chip

Demoiselle Hanover

Donna Bella

Esthers Secret

Explosive Style

Fashion Lover

Love Me Madly

South Jersey Joy


Delta Downs - 03:33

All Odds

Wheres Cain (21/20)

Texas Fire (5/4)

Richmond County (21/10)

Randy Paul (5/2)

Smoke It Right (5/2)

Boston Salt (10/3)

Yes Its A Fact (21/5)

Somoville (8)

Southern Style (8)

Hawkesbury - 03:38

All Odds

Spinning Dawn (4/5)

Magnator (16/5)

Zenith Of Hope (13/2)

Still The Man (9)

Marlow (11)

Te Rangi (11)

Stratador (40)

Straterio (40)

Remington Park - 03:48

All Odds

Black Rum

C P Lucky Clover


James And Company


Night Landing

Okey Dokey Kyle

Reds Alley Cat


Shotgun Gage


Waupaca Will Dance

Wingatui - 03:48

All Odds

Dalwhinnie (3)

Brandy (5)

Cleo Layne (5)

Whiskey Bolero (5)

El Guapo (8)

Madam Bentley (12)

Maybe Miami (12)

Ultrasonic (16)

Peterbilt (20)

Brother Bowman (33)

Doctor Bolt (33)

Ellies Choice (33)

Oath (33)

Winnie Mcgoogan (100)


Midnight Mocha

Sportsbet-Ballarat - 03:55

All Odds

Killara Miss (2)

Alysiana (27/10)

Maraska (5)

Sweet Saturday (11/2)

Inala Angel (7)

Rehanaat (11)

Piaminx (14)

Elite Joy (25)

Monomatapa (25)

Chantilly Milly (66)

Fiona Crystal

Newcastle AUS - 03:59

All Odds

Bold Jas (1/6)

Enjays Operative (1/6)

Never A Frown (1/6)

Our Lissome (1/6)

Sealed Cardigan (1/6)

Tough Beat (1/6)

Delta Downs - 04:00

All Odds

Coal Miner Charlie (5/4)

Merry Mike (6/4)

Rossinis Concerto (17/10)

Life At Midnight (19/10)

Bring The Wood (21/5)

Odessey Dawn (21/5)

Final Request (5)

Prenuptial Counsel (5)

Gimme No Bull (8)

Jacis Sunny Friend (8)

Steelgray Magnolia (13)

Dewey Won (24)

Sunshine Coast - 04:05

All Odds

The Thomas Affair (5/4)

Pantalettes (6/4)

Star Formation (13/2)

Custers Reward (8)

Boss Hussler (12)

Johannas Own (25)

Priscillas Star (25)

Hawkesbury - 04:13

All Odds

Amoret (12/5)

Jostle (9/2)

Dungannon (11/2)

Eleivue (6)

Diva Torio (8)

Manhattan Moon (11)

Dashie De Luxe (18)

Fortunes Choice (18)

Ausbred Lace (20)

Serene Express (20)

Ima Special Keeper (25)

Millijule (40)

Nanuska (40)

Lonhros Spirit

Remington Park - 04:16

All Odds

Black Ocean

Calypsos Spell

Classy Talent

Copper Flash

Easter Skye

G H Royce

Git Gone Gracie

Konawa Tiger

Miss Minnie

Mrs Mclintock

My Sis Kris

Princess Semoran

Shoop Shoop

Redcliffe - 04:17

All Odds

Seelster Reign (1/9)

Areuforeal (2/11)

Colada Rainbow (2/11)

Rice Burner (2/11)

Rule The Rock (2/11)

Vanderbull (2/11)

Zack Hanover (2/11)

Wingatui - 04:23

All Odds

Swiss Alps (17/5)

Sandys Star (5)

Holy Affair (13/2)

Movida (13/2)

Arista (12)

Ravello (12)

Rigah Brook (12)

Sneaky Feelings (12)

Snip In Time (12)

Squash (12)

Drumgold (16)

El Dorado Sun (16)

Ready To Rule (25)

Colonel Anne

Coup Rotorua

Lucky Nemo

Point Proven

Sir Jack Remington

The Right Answer

Delta Downs - 04:25

All Odds

Gato Mojado (6/4)

I Spy The Prize (19/10)

Miso Cute (11/5)

My Gal Charlene (11/5)

Fuhr Granny (13/5)

Precious Jeanette (13/5)

Girl Town (7/2)

Angeltu Pet (22/5)

Slew of Pearls (43/5)

Gentle Secret (33/2)

Irish Jay (33/2)

Folsoms Jas (25)

Sportsbet-Ballarat - 04:30

All Odds

Royal Butterfly (19/5)

Solar Burst (19/5)

Comaneci (5)

Flying Paris (6)

Gloray (15/2)

Amanzi (10)

Arnina (11)

Bodacious Babe (11)

The French House (11)

Via Cavour (11)


Newcastle AUS - 04:34

All Odds

Banjoe (2/13)

Blinking (2/13)

Bye The Clouds (2/13)

Gannicus (2/13)

Michaela Jay (2/13)

Putting For Eagle (2/13)

Scotch Eyes (2/13)

Terminal One (2/13)

Touch Of Fella (2/13)

Sunshine Coast - 04:40

All Odds

Casino Century (3)

El Jadida (3)

Sam De Hero (3)

Brandli (5)

New Eclipse (10)

Podium Princess (12)

Heritage Listed (14)

Just Take It (20)

Im Legit (30)

Ratbag Ruben (50)

Cash Creek

Remington Park - 04:44

All Odds

Big Country Show

Bridge Of Allan

Cinnamon Snapp

Expect Distinction

Five Seasons


Magic Empire

Mr Rupunzel

Muy Travieso

Mystic Thunder

Quiet Pines

Sonof A Monstercat

Hawkesbury - 04:48

All Odds

High Council (7/5)

Nevagotavote (7/5)

Ready Set Sing (9/2)

Tramp (10)

Vencedora (10)

Redcliffe - 04:52

All Odds

Cammys Star (1/6)

Dreamy Nukes (1/6)

Misty Maria (1/6)

Noble Promise (1/6)

Queens Crossing (1/6)

Sheez All Torque (1/6)

Sweeties Orphan (1/6)

Tamara Tonite (1/6)

Wingatui - 04:55

All Odds

Amarok (5)

Crafty Love (5)

Gallant Boy (5)

Patricio (5)

Dominio (13/2)

Jakob Gambino (13/2)

The Right Answer (12)

Twist Of Fate (12)

Conquering Kenny (16)

Lifes In A Spin (20)